Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Madrid's best sports bars!

So yesterday was Champions League, today again... Therefore The Madrid Closet has made a list of Madrid's best places to watch a game.

To begin with, the Irish Pubs, its very typical that they have TVs and big screens on their bars. Here are some of the best irish pubs in the city:

O'Connells, Calle Espoz y Mina 7, a lot of tourists and a lot of beer where you can watch all the important games/sports events. 

Dubliners, next to O'Connells, Calle Espoz y Mina. Same thing almost. Big place with big screens. 

The Irish Rover - Avenida de Brasil 7, it's like a house, with the outside and the inside, the rooms, the terrace, the balcony, everything. Really cool place. They have a lot of screens and when not sometimes live music. If you haven't been you should try it soon.

James Joyce, Calle Alcala 59, another good irish pub who offers everything a good pub has to offer, sports, music, food and beer.

Bo Finn, Calle Velazquez 97, watch the game, play pool, start the night and then go to a club, hang out, lots of beer, The Madrid Closet likes Bo Finn.

Now other non-irish sports bars.

Marca Sports Cafe - Paseo de Recoletos 18, Marca the sportsmagazine/newspaper has a bar in Madrid, The Madrid Closet has recommended this before because it's really a very good place to watch sports. The best thing is "La Quiniela", if you guess the results of a game they will give you a second round for free of what you ordered during the game. Definitely a plus.   

Real Cafe at Santiago Bernabeu, Concha Espina 1, it's a good bar when there are games and when not. After-work, dinner, start the night, a drink or two. When there is a game the restaurant is closed but you can still watch the game and have the field in the background. 

The Irish Rover

Marca Sports Cafe


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