Thursday, October 27, 2011

After Work!

Here is a list of some good After Work!

Glass Bar - Carrera de San Jeronimo 34, at the 5 star Urban hotel. Very chic, very luxurious, pretty people. If you want dinner before and after they have an excellent restaurant. 

Boggo - Calle Velazquez 102, also bar and restaurant. Modern, classic and elegant at the same time. Take a drink after work or several before going out. 

Loft 39 - Calle Velazquez 39, a very big and nice place, New York style with good background lounge music. Tasty cocktails.

Real Cafe Bernabeu - Avenida de Concha Espina 1, at the Bernabeu stadium, the hotspot for all Castellana office workers, perfect at spring/summer time when the terrace is open.

Gin Club Madrid - They say they have the best gin tonics in Madrid at this Hindu decorated place. A lot of different gin tonics, comfy sofas, a lot of pillows... If you like gin tonic you can't miss Gin Club Madrid. 

Midnight Rose - At the Me hotel in Plaza Santa Ana. Glamorous and elegant. Excellent dinner and very good cocktails. Beautiful place.

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