Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If the rain comes back.

If the rain comes back to Madrid, don't stay home. What to do in a rainy day? Where to go? Besides movies?
I have made my list of some places.

Beauty Bar at Hotel Abalu - Calle Pez 19. Take a coffee and eat a piece of cake or cupcake. Very very cute and girly place with only a few tables.  

Ramses - Plaza Independencia 4. Dinner or just a drink, good cocktails. Have a good evening by going pretty/handsome and enjoy a good evening in a fancy place.

The Bar at Roommate Oscar Hotel - A nice place to take a drink in the evening to, or before dinner, or even dinner. They have "happy hour" too.

Do you want good meat and not pay a lot? Then "La Vaca Argentina" - There is one in La Castellana 84, between Nuevos Ministerios and Santiago Bernabeu, another one in Plaza Castilla, Castellana 214, a third on in Opera, Caños de Peral 2, one in San Agustin 3, fifth one in Lopez de Hoyos 42 and a lot more...  Good argentinian meat for a good price.

Another chain place, Lateral - A nice place, also for a good price, tasty tapas and some drinking for almost nothing, the only problem is that its always full of people and you will probably have to wait. At Calle Velazquez 57, Fuencarral 43, La Castellana 132 and Plaza Santa Ana 12 you will find them. If its not raining then the terrace is perfect, specially the one at Arturo Soria 126.

La Realidad - Corredera Baja de San Pablo 51, you can paint on the walls if you want to or drink a cold special homemade icetea, the cerry one is really good! Inside there is a lot of tables (all in the different style), you can sit for hours and there is free wifi. In the late evening a good place to start!

Hopefully the rain will come back just a little bit.

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