Friday, March 4, 2011

Madrid Fashion Week 2011

Like the description says, this blog is about whats "inside Madrid", so we have to start talking about what happened at Madrid Fashion Week 2011.
This year we could see designers like Jesus del Pozo, Angel Schlesser, Roberto Verino, Hannibal Laguna, Adolfo Dominguez and Victorio & Lucchino, but also new young designers at “El Ego”.
This year, talented designers like Moises Nieto, Belen Vidal, Maya HansenEtxeberria (who won L’Oreals price for best “El Ego” collection) and Cati Serra among others, showed their collections at “la pasarela Cibeles”.
Moises Nieto had a really nice collection and he put a special detail on every girl, colorful socks.
On make-up we could see trends like a natural look, extra long eyelashes and in general the eyes sticking out.
Here are some pictures.

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